Ends and Beginnings

“How beautiful it is to even exist?”

This is how I want to start this post…

For the longest time I remember working hard to be happy. Working hard at school to get good grades; saying no to having fun with my friends because I needed to study…but now that I graduated high school I feel like I’ve become a different person, the person I really wanted to be…the real me.

I stopped caring about what other people might think of me, I started wearing clothes I really love and wouldn’t wear before because I was afraid to be judged.

And you know what? People don’t care…no one will care if you wear jeans or a dress as long as you’re comfortable in your own skin. And now I am. Of course there are people out there that will always criticise you no matter what but those are the people you don’t need in your life.

From now on I’ll do the things that make me happy. Because happiness is not a long-term goal. It is something you can achieve everyday by doing the things you really love.

This year I’ll focus on doing things that make me happy like playing tennis, writing and taking pictures, participating in workshops and art classes and even learn a new language.

Since making this decision to finally be myself I have become happier. And if you’re not being yourself because you might be scared to be judged, don’t worry because you are not alone.

Being yourself is one of the scariest things you’ll ever do…but it’s also the most rewarding.

So just try…I promise you will not regret it.

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8 thoughts on “Ends and Beginnings

  1. I’m so proud!!!!
    Sim, sou uma mãe babada…mas orgulhosa e convicta de que ensinar os filhos a seguirem o coração é o caminho certo…seguramente não o mais fácil.
    Lutem pelas suas crenças…tudo o resto vem por acréscimo…
    Parabéns querida filha!!!

  2. I love this! I experienced the same thing when I graduated from high school, and I’ve never been happier! It is definitely worth it to be your true self, and I’m so excited that you are experiencing this! I love your blog, and I wish you success and happiness in your journey! 🙂 xx Alyssa (www.thewisewillow.com)

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